AMD RX 6700 XT Roundup – Are these cards worth it!?

man the gpu market what a mess i’m sure you’re frustrated i’m frustrated you’re probably tired hearing people how frustrated they are you know even the rx 6700 xt which was promised to have a bit more availability was grabbed up in no time knowing that mike eber and i decided to give something back to the community and also …

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The ASUS x GUNDAM Collection is AMAZING

good people what we have here with the gundam edition gaming goodies is commitment from asus i personally did not grow up with gundam watching the shows like that i mean like we had tvs in russia am i right but this type of colorway release is special for two reasons number one the throwback to the gundam is almost …

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Review Corsair HS80 – The BEST Wireless Microphone?

hello good people i’m dmitry it’s a very good time for the corsair hs80 to arrive to my studio because my current favorite wireless headset the cloud to wireless has a broken volume wheel so i’m really excited to give these a shot to see if they will replace my cloud 2 wireless but this is not corsair’s first ever …

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