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Xbox Series X Unboxing and Setup

hey everybody isla insideman and we’re going to be unboxing and setting up the new xbox series x today these of course are in demand but i managed to find one at retail i didn’t have to pay a scalper or anything i did though buy a bundle which i think increased my chances of getting this thing in so …

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Review Lenovo Legion 5i Pro Gaming Laptop (Intel Version)

hey everybody it’s lanzibe and we’re taking a look today at the legion 5i pro from lenovo this is very similar to the 5 pro with the amd processor we looked at a little while back but this one has the intel inside and we’ll see how this one performs versus that one in a little bit but i do …

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How to Install Channels DVR Server on a Raspberry Pi !

hey everybody it’s lon seidman we’re doing a sponsored video today for channels which is a great dvr system that works with the hd home run tuners that we have covered here extensively on the channel it works with apple tv with your iphone with your android device and fire tvs and what we’re going to look at in this …

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