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Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy Note 9 Battery Life Drain Test

the contenders for the battery drainpipe says today or the Samsung Galaxy is 10 plus with a tremendous 4100 milliampere battery this is paid with a 7 nanometer Snapdragon 855 chipset of 2019 this is the greatest milliamp hr battery seen in a front runner phone two days before that we have the Galaxy Note 9 with a huge 4000 …

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OnePlus 7 Pro – RIP “Flagship Killer”

you’re what’s up individuals you’re back with your guy technic you’re going to obtained 4 videos on the most recent take currently today it has to do with the women take once again given that the 1 plus 7 Pro just introduced around the world today to the consumer market and however I’m a consumer too so who had actually …

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Review Xiaomi Mi 9 OnePlus 7 killer?

so the Jeremy brand is pretty much synonymous with and value for money and while the fresh new me nine flagship four might not exactly be affordable at five hundred quid it’s definitely one of the cheapest Snapdragon 855 premium handsets out there with some really nice top-end specs for about half the price of the likes of a galaxy …

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