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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: A Touchwiz Filled Device

hey bro on Tim Schofield here from Cuba King 77 calm here to do a full review on these Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung’s latest flagship device the phablet style phone the 5.7 inch display I do have a lot of things to talk about especially because I’ve owned a note 3 and also with Google’s Nexus 6 coming out …

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Alcatel OneTouch Watch Hands On: Affordable and for All Uses

all right hey everyone tim schofield here from kiwiking77.com here i am with the alcatel one touch smart watch which is actually compatible with both android and ios it does not run android wear which i get asked a lot actually when people ask me to show off this watch but they do have their own proprietary software which is …

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Review Unihertz Atom Tiny Android Smartphone with 2.45″ Display

hey everybody you fly inside but now we’re taking a look today at a rather unique smartphone this is called the you know hurts atom it is probably one of the smallest smartphones you will ever see but it’s got most of the modern accoutrements you’ve come to expect from a modern smartphone it’s running Android 8.1 it’s got a …

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