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Galaxy S6 vs. LG G4: In-Depth Comparison

hi there we get on tip Scofield below from Cuba King 77 dot-com and also I’m here to compare the leading two front runner devices presently the LG g4 as well as the Samsung Galaxy s6 now bear in mind as a bit of a cost difference the g4 runs you regarding 600 615 depending upon where you buy it …

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LG V30 Unboxing!

everybody Tim Schofield below and also I’ve had the LGV 30 being in the workplace for a little of time and also I simply have not gotten around to doing an unboxing video clip so now it’s finally time to open up the LGV 30 check out actual quick what remains in the box and also provide a few of …

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Preview LG Watch W7 Full Tour

hello you gorgeous people this is Kristen text Burton I’m here with LG’s latest wearable the watch w7 showing off at CES 2019 it’s an Android wear watch but it’s actually a curious blend of your traditional analog watch and the Smart Watch because as you can see there it’s actually got mechanical hands built into it so let’s get …

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