Smartphone Cameras vs Reality!

There are three electronic cameras on the back of the apple iphone 13 professional the major electronic camera the ultra broad and the telephoto so this one down below at the bottom this is the major camera so if you cover it with your finger you can see the framework goes dark makes sense if you cover the other two …

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Are you KIDDING me? 400mm on a phone?

just how to level up your mobile digital photography and videography video game you can get a better phone like iphone 12 pro max or you can acquire a collection of lenses which are the external lenses for circumstances like those from stereo business and also level up your game in that way [Music] what’s heros my name is electrical …

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Review Sony a6400 | Budget camera kit for beginners under 1000$

Google Go Apk

is there an inexpensive steels and also video electronic camera which shoots 4k doesn’t get too hot as well as doesn’t set you back like a heap of ships or like titanics as well as all that stuff so today we’re discussing sony a6400 the very best item of 2019 to 2020 period the very best camera and also video …

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